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St. Ignatius of Loyola (Spanish: Ignacio de Loyola, baptized named: López de Loyola, also known as Ignatius, December 4, 1491? - 1556 July 31 day) Spaniards , is the founder of the Roman Catholic Jesuit, also a saint one. Reform within the Roman Catholic, to counter the Protestant religious reform led by Martin Luther.
Loyola and his companions determined to live a poor life like the apostle, Jesuit so slowly began to form. Their members are called Jesuits, and the oath of absolute obedience to the Pope, the Pope is regarded as the 'supreme commander'. September 27, LaMarr Woodley Game Jerseys 1540, Pope Paul III formally recognized this group, which can be described as the formal establishment of the Society of Jesus. Jesus will be the most important task is to educate and missionary, many universities in Europe to set up and train a student in addition to the talent of the Society of Jesus, also active in the political and intellectual class, well-known as Cartesian. Italian Renaissance in the 17th century by the gloom and doom, Baroque art factions oriented life into facing the palace, decorated point
Decorated church, showing a delicate and ornate style. Bernini is famous representatives. He was born in Italy to take Naples era of life is the most rampant during the anti-religious policy movement, the church and the palace in an attempt to consolidate
Its crumbling Nike LaMarr Woodley Jersey situation. His lifelong work tirelessly lifetime completed a large number of urban transformation and churches decorated sculptures, there are other architectural sculpture and painting, shaping the image of the writer, actor, orator. His
Creation Antonio Brown Youth Jerseys of large-scale and diversity. Such as 圣德列萨斯 altar of this church alcove on the sculpture, is a model of a sculpture and architecture closely integrated. His design is like marble walls gaping appropriate to take advantage of niche structure like
Hang in there a picture of the statue on top shot down light, relying on light and shadow to shape the body, weakened the sense of volume, enhance the rhythm of lines and its formal beauty, strong painterly effects. Completely with the sense of volume of the works of Michelangelo and weight
Different amount of sense. Bernini's sculpture skill, like carved wax carving marble with equal ease, so the statue as highly expressive painting effects. A certain degree of realism content at the same time works, so vivid,
True. Delie Si face the female controls Saints altar It works, sustained love arrows, showing sweet pain, half-closed eyes, open mouth, head thrown back, inner love revealed too blunt and vivid. This table
The situation has obvious Baroque style that slightly morbid delicate, delicate beauty, reflect the aesthetics of the aristocracy and upper bourgeoisie. His representative works 普罗赛比娜 plunder, as well as Pope Urban Class VIII
World tomb carved. As the art of building, centrally presented cultural style, revealing the political, religious, philosophical, Rashard Mendenhall Jerseys humanistic ideology, art, customs and fashion
Many colors under the colors of the visible space carrying invisible civilization, it was said that architecture is frozen music, because it expresses no exhaustive cultural connotation. In fact, the wonders of the art of architecture, sound
Music Shall exhaustive music is one of the cultural show, but the music express a person's mood and emotion, especially when the sister arts of architecture and sculpture, painting, and other perfectly together as a whole when its
Intrinsic quality, even more than the music can be completed. Bernini's architecture and sculpture in combination illustrates this point. '